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  • This is a full term or part word search, so searching for "car body" will only return results containing the full phrase as written. In order to search for each word individually, add the "and" keyword, so "car and body" will search for goods and services containing both of those words.
  • You can also append an "*" character to the end of your search term to search for all descriptors containing a word that begins with the search term. For example, "car*" will return results containing "carbon", "cartridge", etc.
  • The "or" keyword can be used to separate search terms and search for goods and services with any of the words separated by "or". For example "car or filler" will return "Filler for rubber" and "Car paints".
  • Search for singulars - plurals will be searched for automatically. Searching for "car" will look for "car" or "cars"; searching for "car or body" will search for "car", "cars", "body" or "bodies".
  • Goods and Services are divided into 45 classes. You can view the complete lists of Trademark classes using the tabs above.
  • Please do not copy and paste items from the list into the application form.